Building Products

Precast Concrete Stairs
Precast concrete stairflights can be manufactured as straight or cranked stairflights. They can also be supplied with an integral slab at the base or top of the stair flight. We regularly produce precast stairs and
Hollowcore Flooring
To compliment the beam flooring systems offer two sections of Hollowcore flooring, with spans in excess of 9 metres, either 150mm deep or 200mm deep to resolve many specification problems. Our hollowcore floors all
Thermal / Insulated Flooring
Our thermal flooring option is a lightweight, cost effective and flexible solution that reduces cold bridging in floors. Used with our concrete beams – the Stressline thermal flooring system is quick and easy to
Site Hoarding
One Stop Consult have partnered up with a Site Hoarding company to provide you and your building project with all your site safety needs. We have a unique understanding of construction site safety, product quality and the importance of structural engineering. Our experienced team will work with you to create a solution, tailor-made to your […]
Fire Mist Suppression Systems
What is HALO? The Halo Fire Mist System is the most cost-effective alternative to fire sprinklers for domestic and residential buildings. Halo is manufactured by an ISO 9001-certified OEM manufacturer in the UK. In
Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation if a way of stopping the heat escaping from your home. Stop heat from escaping your home with cavity wall insulation from our specialist partners, based in Leicester, we offer a full range of
Solar PV Supply & Installation
• Domestic Solar Panel Systems. • Domestic Solar Panel Systems provide homes with free solar energy creating free electricity for your home. • Advanced solar panel arrays convert your roof into a power station to
Roof Truss Supply
One Stop Consult and partners can provide any Roof Truss Supply across the UK with fast leading times and installation. The Keytruss Attic ‘Room in a Roof’ Product has been developed through a strategic