Thermal / Insulated Flooring

Thermal / Insulated Flooring

Our thermal flooring option is a lightweight, cost effective and flexible solution that reduces cold bridging in floors. Used with our concrete beams – the Stressline thermal flooring system is quick and easy to install using Stylite T-beam technology.

Thermal flooring can create a huge difference in achievable U values and this method of installation exceeds the thermal requirements of Part L building requirements.

The insulating panels are available in a variety of profiles to minimise site cutting and additional clip on pieces. We also supply perimeter insulating strips and beam end T-blocks.


There are many reasons to use thermal flooring systems, here are just a few:

  • Lightweight and easy to install;
  • Reduces cold-bridging and can help achieve required U-values;

Stylite ‘T’ Beam technology is BBA Certified 13/5021.


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