L1A New Build SAP Calculations

L1A New Build SAP Calculations

SAP calculations for New Build Dwellings come in two stages: a ‘design stage’ SAP report and an ‘as built’ SAP report. These calculations will measure a number of aspects of the building’s energy performance. The building needs to be designed to comply with the SAP targets in terms of Energy Performance, Carbon footprint and conforming to the relevant carbon emission targets depending on the on the local authority requirement geographically.

It is a building regulation requirement to provide SAP calculations prior to commencement on site.  If the designed building is failing the SAP calculations, our team can advise you on how get this to work in the most cost-effective manner.

SAP Calculations involve;

• Assessing the area of the external building fabric and openings.

• Analysing the building’s construction materials.

• Understanding the energy consumption of the heating systems, lighting, ventilation systems and renewable technologies.

Inputting this data into SAP calculations software in order to produce Target Emissions Rates (TER) measurements, Target Fabric Energy Efficiency measurements (TFEE) and to demonstrate that the building is Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) and Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency (DFEE) compliant.

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