Passivhaus Retrofit

Passivhaus Retrofit

What is Retrofit?

Retrofit involves increasing the energy efficiency of existing buildings with the aim to help households save money on their bills, reduce their emissions, and make their homes warmer and more pleasant places to live.

Why do we need to Retrofit?

The UK’s housing stock is amongst the least energy efficient in Europe, and is responsible for nearly a quarter of our annual carbon emissions. The refurbishment of our homes and buildings is one of the greatest challenges we face to reducing carbon emissions. With the Government committed to reducing carbon emissions by 80% before 2050, it is estimated that over 20 million homes in the UK will need a low energy retrofit to enable us to live and work more sustainably.

Why would I retrofit my property?

  • Dramatically improve the energy efficiency – 75% reduction in energy requirement
  • A new look home – completely new external façade
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Resident stays in their home during the Retrofit
  • Create a healthier, warmer living environment

The Beattie Passive TCosy™ delivers a deep retrofit frame solution creating a void from foundations to roof; encapsulating the existing roof and external brickwork. This is injected with insulation to a give a highly efficient building envelope with no thermal bridges and greatly enhances the U-value of the walls and roof.

Walls U-value 0.12w/m2k
Roof U-value 0.11w/m2k
Floor Perimeter U-value 0.43w/m2k
Insulated U-value 0.13w/m2k
Windows and doors Triple glazed, passive certified U-value 0.78w/m2k
Ventilation MVHR: High performance heat recovery and ventilation. Full Heat recovery ventilation is installed into the new TCosy™ frame. Recovering 84% off the heat form internal heating sources and delivering fresh filtered all to all rooms. Incorporating the MVHR within the frame and penetrating only through the walls at high level minimizes internal disturbance and loss of internal space.
Hot water Air Source (where required)
Heating Reduction in heating requirements by 75%
Renewables 5kw Photovoltaic (PVs) to achieve zero carbon (2016 government requirement)


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