Fire Mist Suppression Systems

Fire Mist Suppression Systems

What is HALO?

The Halo Fire Mist System is the most cost-effective alternative to fire sprinklers for domestic and residential buildings. Halo is manufactured by an ISO 9001-certified OEM manufacturer in the UK.

In independent tests, Halo’s performance more than satisfied the stringent requirements laid down in BS 8458 for high-pressure water-mist systems in residential properties of individual open spaces of up to 32m2 In domestic properties, up to 80m2

Problems solved with HALO?

Halo overcomes the difficulties associated with conventional water sprinklers and some alternative high-pressure mist systems.

No additional storage tanks required.

False alarms associated with electronic activation are eliminated.

Water damage is minimised as Halo runs on a fraction of the flow used by water sprinklers. And only the nozzle nearest a fire activates (or two if the fire is between them).

Compact and lightweight elements avoid the heavy disruption and cost of retro-fitting conventional sprinklers.

The risk of obstacles and shadow areas that can compromise a wall-mounted spray head or sensor is also avoided.

The Process

We ensure the whole process is straightforward:

  • Upload a PDF copy of your building floor plans.
  • We assess your project drawings.
  • Then we prepare detailed design drawings for our Halo installation.
  • We send you a quotation with these plans, including specifications for the system; or we’ll contact you first if we have any queries.
  • You can submit our drawings for building control approval.
  • We carry out a free site survey to check that everything tallies with the drawings, and plan the installation to dovetail with your works.
  • On the appointed day we begin our installation.
  • We pressure-test the system and carry out other commissioning tests to ensure Halo is set up and fully operational.
  • We also certify this and the warranty, so the building owner has the necessary documentation for sign-off by Building Control / Approved Inspector.
  • Our service agreement covers yearly service checks, including full re-commissioning.
  • We support you to ensure your building or home will be fire-safe and approved as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • We work with architects, developers, builders, landlords, care home owners, and homeowners.
  • We also maintain close working relationships with fire engineers, the fire brigade, local authorities, and both independent building control companies and Local Authority Building Control.
  • We provide advice, drawings and site inspections – all for free.


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