We do not charge a project management fee for your project!

We do not charge a project management fee for your project!

One Stop Consult has been super busy this week with lots of new client instructions an a range of different projects up and down the country.
Our service providers are the backbone of our business ensuring
our works are prioritised for our clients; which is critical to
maintaining the level of service we deliver.
Structural Design and Calculations 7 working day turnaround
SAP calculations & EPC’S 7 working day turnaround
Air Testing / Sound Insulation Testing / Ventilation Testing – Bookings within 7-14 days
We appreciate people have relationships and we don’t tread on toes, if your relationship breaks down we get you back on track and help you with our own team as required. 
Usually this happens when you get hit with unexpected costs, don’t get a response, we understand your frustrations its not easy to get the right people to consistently work well, we are constantly monitoring our supply chain performance with our dedicated portal system which ensures we make the journey for our clients as smooth as possible.
It’s quite a stressful and time consuming process to obtain quotes that are fair, but then how good is the service going to be or the design etc..
This is where we come in!

If you’re preparing to build anything look no further than One
Stop Consult for our professional support service all the way through.
We can handle it all in one place, with one point of contact.

The benefits don’t end there!
If you are engaging us for all quotes offered to you we can give you a package discount! We have some of the best deals out there with our supply chain partners, as part of our strategic sales initiatives we have negotiated fantastic discount rates which enable us to earn a commission & still share that discount to our clients.
We do not charge a project management fee either!

Our recent client reviews make everything worth while! We appreciate any honest and truthful review and since starting the business in 2017 we are yet to receive any feedback below 4 stars to date!

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