Strategic Partnerships and collaborative meetings

Strategic Partnerships and collaborative meetings

Good afternoon we hope you have had a productive week and looking forward to the weekend!

We are pleased to share with you that earlier this week we attended Beattie Passive’s factory in Norwich.

Our business arranged an introductory meeting to bring together SIG plc SR Timber + subsidiaries with Beattie Passive

Thanks to all of you who were in attendance on the day, it was really great to meet everyone, the hospitality from Beattie Passive was well received and in particular the presentation was a real eye opener. The passion, innovation, and dedication from Ron Beattie his family and employees were Inspirational. 

Beattie Passive are at the heart of a rewarding, impactful and purposeful journey which we are proud to support and assist in making a difference to the planet.

Check out Flying Factory & Volumetric Modular By using the Beattie Passive structure, MVHR and photovoltaic cells together you can achieve 100% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Beattie Passive just keep raising the bar and show outstanding dedication to making a real difference in the industry.
Helping the People who need a job or even a second chance to get back on track , they help the housing crisis, energy crisis and in particular the climate crisis.

Ron Beattie – Managing Director
Rosemary Beattie – Corporate Director
Nathan Beattie – Commercial Operations
Jack Randall – Chief Commercial Officer
Brett Redman – Production and Operations Manager

Thanks to Stephen Dunn My Dad for his expertise as well!

It was also a real pleasure to meet everyone in attendance from SIG plc

Philip Johns – Managing Director- UK at SIG plc
Caroline Bowler – Regional Sales Manager Southern for SIG Distribution
John Yewman – Divisional Commercial Director (South) at SIG Distribution
Adrian Smekss – Founder of S M Roofing Supplied
Shaun Revill – Trading Director at SR Timber

Thank you very much SIG plc for taking the time to meet us, we look forward to working together more closely, we have an array of clients all over the UK with live projects on our system which with the right partnerships strategically we see huge potential commercially for all parties

Our next steps is to introduce our bespoke portal system for Beattie passive.

The system will enable them to have a full document management of each supply chain partner anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

Our vision is that as we start this new process for any business, we will be able to source local suppliers for each project where possible reducing the carbon footprint and adding value to the local economy which will create more opportunities for local people to the get involved with the project.

The portal system will streamline the process for tendering, procurement, instructions and document management all in one place exclusive for the client and their preferred supply chain partners.

This will benefit the business in Time, Cost, Service Delivery & in particular Carbon Footprint.