Sports and Social Bowls club

Sports and Social Bowls club

One Stop Consult have been doing some REALLY rewarding work in recent weeks having been involved in a community project for Sports and Social Bowls club in Northampton.

We were contacted by recommendation from an Architect we worked with a few months back which is great to hear!

The Chairman who is now retired was under a bit of pressure to retain the planning permission and facing challenges with planning conditions and the planners themselves.

It can be a stressful process and we certainly did over and above to ensure we delivered on this project.

From the initial point of contact our team and service providers identified what needed to be done in order to lock in the planning permission and discharge conditions, within 4 weeks we had completed the external noise survey to discharge the pre commencement condition.

Then as we do have Building Control partners and wider services like Architectural packages and SBEM energy calculations we were the perfect option for this client. We have been commissioned for it all!

Taking the stress away … TIME … MONEY …. COMMUNICATION.


I love jobs like this working with great clients and people who really value our expertise and efficiency in construction projects big or small.

Looking forward to and grab a beer with the members and do some crown green bowl’s ! takes me back to my younger years visiting my grandparents in St Helens and learning the old thump and finger peg … great memories. And with all the Covid it’s a dying sport and it’s wonderful to be involved in the project and see new investment on Crown Green Bowl’s.

We are starting the main works when the bowling season has finished

I cannot wait to share the feedback with you all from this client – and live construction updates as the project progresses.

Superb work everyone.
This is what I come to work for  #helpingpeople