REVIEWS LIKE THIS – make it all worth while

REVIEWS LIKE THIS – make it all worth while

“In my role as Architect, I appointed One Stop Consult Ltd at an early stage on behalf of the private client for a new
high end large house build in open countryside near Tamworth. It was really helpful to have their input and expertise
from the early stages right through to completion. They were a valuable member of the consultant team and benefits
to the project included;

– Adviser on principle construction approaches

– Link to manufacturers including beam and block flooring, metal web intermediate flooring and manufactured roof trusses

– Link to specialist designers including the energy firm responsible for the key services which in this case were Air Source Heat Pump, Wet Underfloor Heating and Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Units

– Link to building performance test specialists, in this case for the Air Pressure Testing on completion of the build

– Service providers for the Initial Full Plan Building Regulation Checks and then the Inspections during the build and
issue of the Final Certificate as statutory confirmation that the works are in compliance with Building Regulations.

These services are a representative of the comprehensive services they offer and I would have no hesitation in recommending their appointment for other projects.

In fact other projects would very much benefit from the value they bring.

In summary, they really do live up to their name as One Stop Consult for any development project.”

Justin Belgeonne BA(Hons) Dip Arch ARB

Freelance Architect, JB Architect Services

15 years of extensive Architectural Industry experience

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