Quenchfire – Mist Fire Systems

Quenchfire – Mist Fire Systems

One Stop Consult and our supply chain partner Quenchfire have been installing Mist fire systems throughout the UK for a number of years. Our purpose is to bring effective and affordable fire protection into the home – from flats to houses and care homes to stately homes.

You might think what is the difference between having a sprinkler and a halo system, steam has a dramatic colling effect, as atomised water mist droplets expand 1600-1700 times, they absorb far more energy than water from a sprinkler. The steam displaces oxygen and combustible gases starving the fire of another essential driver. The combined effect is to smother the fire, cutting off its oxygen supply and cooling the combustible material and associated gases.

The system buys vital life-saving time for people to escape. Fine water mist does not impede their evacuation. Having controlled the fire, temperature and smoke, the water mist also prevents the fire from re-igniting.
Damage to property is limited further because of the comparatively low volume of water involved and the absence of the heavy run-off caused by a sprinkler system. Years of hands-on experience in domestic fire protection and building construction have gone into the design of Halo.

All components of our system are robust and reliable and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards. We control quality from the point of manufacture through installation to servicing and maintenance. We also guarantee you a friendly and personal service.

Get in touch today and we will assess your project drawings and prepare detailed design drawings for a proposed Halo installation.