New Projects / Homes UK Event / Net Zero Carbon!

New Projects / Homes UK Event / Net Zero Carbon!

One Stop Consult have been extremely busy over the last couple of months, we have been facilitating projects for new and returning clients with a wide array of different services to meet their projects needs!

We deal with projects all across the UK, with our growing supply chain we aim to help all of our clients with services which they require. A lot of our recent instructions include; Private Building Control, 10 Year Structural Warranty, Beam & Block Flooring, Roof Truss Supply, Floor Joists Supply, Building Testing (Air, Vent, Sound) and Design services which ranges from anything like SAP Calculations to Geotechnical Phase 1 Desktop Study.

Our package of services are key for any residential developer which we also consider our bread and butter, whether you’re building 1 or 10 houses or even doing an extension. Our 10 Year Structural Warranty has also proven to be a key success to provide alongside our Private Building Control and other services. We have received great feedback from our developers and a lot of new clients for our Warranty and feel privileged to get clients phone up regarding their development and request a quote as they have heard good experiences of other developers / friends who have used our service. Word of mouth is the best marketing and we’re grateful to have so many clients that recommend our service and come back for repeat business.

One Stop Consult also attended the Homes UK event back in November but we forgot to do a post on it as we have been so busy! The event turned out to be a great success and we even managed to retain new clients who we met at the event and proceed with some of our services which we carried out, it was great to speak to so many different people and represent our business and showcase what we do and what we can offer!

Net Zero Carbon has also been a great topic which we have been looking into and hope to become Net Zero ourselves in the upcoming future. We have learned that a lot of businesses are now taking measures to ‘off-set’ their carbon by changing to more sustainable business practices to help reduce emissions and if there are still carbon emissions left to offset you can purchase carbon credits which will be used to invest in sustainable project elsewhere which will help reduce or capture equivalent CO2 emissions that otherwise would have been released elsewhere in the atmosphere.

We look forward to the rest of 2023 and what it has to offer and will keep you all updated with posts through out the year.