Fire Door Inspections & Fire Stopping Inspections

Fire Door Inspections & Fire Stopping Inspections

At One Stop Consult, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for our clients in the construction industry. We are pleased to announce that we have added Fire Door Inspections and Fire Stopping Inspections to our list of services, in partnership with a trusted and reliable supplier.

Our team works closely with our supply chain partners to ensure that the right people are brought in at the right stages of the construction process. This ensures that all parties involved are protected, and ultimately the occupant at the end of the day is safe and secure.

With our Fire Door Inspections, we thoroughly inspect all doors and frames to ensure that they meet the required standards for fire resistance. Our Fire Stopping Inspections involve examining all of the fire-stopping materials used in the building, including seals around pipes and cables, to ensure that they are properly installed and will effectively prevent the spread of fire.

We understand the importance of compliance with fire safety regulations and take this responsibility very seriously. By offering these new services, we aim to provide our clients with complete peace of mind, knowing that their building is fully compliant and safe for all occupants.

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