Facilitating new projects

Facilitating new projects

We are delighted to be appointed by New Meaning Construction to Facilitate Building Control & Structural Warranty Services with our partners. 🤝

New Meaning Construction are using theĀ Beattie PassiveĀ Build System. 🏘

We have a couple of instructions that are now live which is just fantastic and we are really looking forward to working with this company as they continue. The standard of work on site is very good and the communication and organisation of this firm is really on point. 🏗

One of the projects that has just commenced in High Wycombe is a new build construction of 1No. Two Storey Residential Building Consisting of 4 Flats using the Beattie passive system. 💡

Another project we were engaged on a few months back which is the construction of a single dwelling for a private client in Norwich. 👷‍♂️

here’s a glimpse 👀 !

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