Do you need any BUILDING CONTROL support with a development project?

Do you need any BUILDING CONTROL support with a development project?

The team at One Stop Consult are here to help you along the way with our management process.

If you are building a New Dwelling, Larger Extension, HMO or a block of Apartments we can help you get everything in order to get started on site.

Building control should be your first thought when considering a construction project to ensure it complies with the building regulations “pre commencement” and more importantly monitor the KEY stages of the project with independent site inspections carried out by a chartered professional.

Our team offer a consultancy service to manage the process for you.

We actively consult with building control about the layout and proposals, arrange site inspections with your appointed builder / homeowner to suit each key stage and assist with and technical advice where we can.

We find that working together as a team with the right people on board can make the process a lot smoother from beginning to end.

We get contacted regularly to assist homeowners with issues they have been left with which all can be avoided with the right team.

A typical enquiry we get often goes like this:

“We have had a builder do the work and they installed steel beams and building control have asked for the structural calculations but we haven’t got any done” can you help? ( picture looks great right! all finished looking fandabidozey) ACTUALLY – ITS NOT GOOD. AND THE BEAMS HAVE FAILED!

We retrospectively assessed the steel beams and low and behold they failed. This was very worrying for the client and they needed this fixing to make the building safe again as well as making the property resellable.

We sourced a local builder we knew for many years to help the client rectify the works which was done by the previous builder who left the client in this predicament.

Our engineer found that the beams failed, and the load bearing wall constructed was not adequate and the pillar it was bearing on.

Why the LABC didn’t request the structural design and calculations prior to inspecting the beam is beyond me, let alone allowing this to be passed off when its completely unsafe, they passed the inspection when the blockwork wall was not adequate to carry the loadings what so ever.

This is a real example as to why you should take Building Control very seriously and do your own dudiligence; after all it is likely to be your biggest investment when you purchase a property. Dont scrimp and scrape on building control services, you get what you pay for in this world.

My advice, appoint a good team, who work together, collectively giving you the best advice and the outcome will speak for itsself.

If you are looking for any assistance in this field, please feel free to get in touch via email:

Big Thanks to frank Kerrigan for fixing this for our client, great work!
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