Overheating Assessment

Overheating Assessment

Part O of the Building Regulations applies specifically to new residential dwellings in the UK, including care homes and student residences, with the exception of hotels. It is important to note that this regulation extends to common areas as well as habitable rooms.

For projects that have submitted full plans or a building notice prior to 15th June 2022, the previous regulations may still be applicable if construction work commences within 12 months of the submission date.

As a developer seeking building regulation approval, it is necessary to provide a report outlining the measures taken to limit solar gains and remove excess heat, in accordance with Section 1. This can be achieved through a dynamic thermal modelling method based on the CIBSE TM59 approach or through a simplified method that enables practices to avoid assessments by specialist consultants.

At One Stop Consult, our team of experts are well-versed in Part O regulations and can provide reliable assessments and reports to ensure your project meets all necessary requirements. We prioritise a professional approach, consistent interpretation of legislation and adding real value to every project we are involved in. We are dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions that work seamlessly with your design team and contractors, providing hassle-free Building Control services.

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