One Stop Consult – Charity Golf Day!

One Stop Consult – Charity Golf Day!

Our Team at One Stop Consult would like to thank everyone who participated and donated to our nominated charity Supporting Children with Cancer UK.

Blake Smith aged 14 who is recovering from osteosarcoma was out on the course in the golf buggy had a whale of a time, Blake also participated in the raffle draw and helping the serving of the buffet with Lizzies Hunger Hatch catering.

The team at One Stop Consult would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated and got involved in our Children with Cancer UK charity Golfing Event. We are overwhelmed with all the support and generosity of not just our clients but employees, friends, families, and businesses. We simply do not have enough time and space to include everyone in this appreciation post, which is why we have said a huge thank you above in this short message!

Having said all of that, I was contacted from my grandparents who reside in St Helens, Merseyside who shared this to their local community and neighbours on what we were all doing in respect of raising money for Children with cancer. The response was compelling, so much so we really wanted to share this wonderful story that struck our hearts and minds for everyone to read, aspire and recognize the great work of these young children. With only a few days running up to the event and short time to raise funds, two young children took it upon themselves to raise money themselves through a lemonade stand at the bottom of their street (which throws me back to a lemonade stand game we used to play at primary school on the computer)!

After a long day of being out in the blustery weather, the two children returned to my grandparent’s house with a quantity of cash amounting to 16 in pennies and 20 p’s. We really wanted to share this story with everyone as these young children should be recognized for their efforts towards this great cause, for your information they never told their customers what the money was for and for all the joe public knew, it was a bit of tuck shop money. How wrong were they! And it is for all these kind actions and efforts, we as a company are going to send them a bag of goodies to show our appreciation of their unselfishness and empathy as young human beings. Well done, keep up the good work!

One Stop Consult 28th August 2020 Charity Golf Winners, Congratulations to Ian Ross & Co. Housing Developers. Thank you to Brandon Wood for the golf day you donated to the winners!