Connectivity Plan

Connectivity Plan

A Connectivity Plan gives guidance on how to comply with the requirement of RA1 and RA2 which has a gigabit-ready physical infrastructure (RA1) and a connection to a gigabit-capable network (RA2).

Developers are required to provide information about the infrastructure and connectivity that is to be provided with any building approval application, whether using a full plan, building notice, initial notice or public body’s notice.

Each dwelling must in addition be provided with a connection to a gigabit-capable public electronic communications network.

Connectivity plan provides sections for the developer to demonstrate the location of the gigabit-ready physical infrastructure. 

As part of the Building Regulations 2010, this approved document (Part R) takes effect on 26th December 2022 it does not apply to work in respect of which a building notice, initial notice has been given toa  local authority before 26th December 2022.

As a construction consultancy with direct dealings with private Building Control providers on behalf of our clients, we have recently received invalidity notices from the local authority building control department for initial notice submissions.

The local authority have advised that they cannot validate the application for building control until there is a connectivity plan in place, indicating confirmation that Giga Speed internet connection is to be provided to the applicable sites.

We are here to HELP with this new procedure and are dealing with applications to streamline this process for developers and builders.

We have a fixed fee application fee for the process and can commence upon your instruction. (5 – 10 working day turnaround)

The applicable starts from £250 + VAT for all applications and connectivity plan agreed and registration. 

It will likely cost the owner £2’000 for the connection by BT Openreach, but could also be free!

BT originally were providing the infrastructure for free in most cases but now that has changed so be aware this could be quite expensive additional cost to the developer.

The applicable properties are New Build Dwelling & Flats which Initial Notices are submitted after 26/12/2022.

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