Professional Services

Water Efficiency Calculations
At One Stop Consult, we provide water efficiency calculations that comply with Part G of The Building Regulations, predicting water consumption for both new builds and conversions. As sustainability becomes
Fire Risk Assessment
Managing Fire Safety Good management of fire safety is essential to ensure: That fires are unlikely to occur; That if they do occur, they are likely to be controlled or contained quickly, effectively and safely;
Specialist Snagging Service
A snag is a defect or problem that remains in your new-build property after the building work has been completed. Many issues may not be visible to the average home owner or may require specialist equipment such as
Building Contractors
At One Stop Consult you can utilise our extensive experience and tap into our quality chain of building contractors for any development project. We have worked with many contractors over the years on thousands of
Fire Suppression Servicing
Nebula high pressure water mist system requires servicing/re commissioning on a yearly basis for fire safety. You may be aware that some certified companies have gone into liquidation meaning you’re unable to
Extract Ventilation Testing
All residential new build & conversion projects forming new dwellings will require ventilation testing. There are 5 different ventilation types, ranging from simple background and intermittent fans, to whole
Air Tightness Testing
One Stop Consult will provide you with a site readiness checklist to help you determine when your building is ready. Our technicians calculate air tightness via the following process: We’ll install a large fan,
Passivhaus Retrofit
What is Retrofit? Retrofit involves increasing the energy efficiency of existing buildings with the aim to help households save money on their bills, reduce their emissions, and make their homes warmer and more
Passivhaus Build System
How It Works Our innovative, patented construction method (now in 68 countries) provides a continuous insulation layer around the core of a timber framed structure and we are the first company in the UK to achieve
Private Building Control
At One Stop Consult, we have established strong partnerships with various approved inspectors throughout the UK to deliver a seamless and efficient service to our clients. We take care of the Building Control