Design Services

Contamination Report
A Contamination Report is used to provide advice to developers and landowners if there is any contamination on a site where the development is proposed, contamination can accumulate over time or occur naturally. The
Planning Applications
Forward-thinking professional architectural design practice based in the West-midlands. Our team of architectural technicians and Part 1 architectural assistants pride ourselves on the belief that good architecture
L2B SBEM Calcuations
Part L2B SBEM Calculations – Non-Domestic Refurbishment & Extensions SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) provides an analysis of the energy consumption of buildings other than dwellings; it is used in
L2A SBEM Calculations
SBEM calculations come in two stages: a ‘design stage’ SBEM report and an ‘as built’ SBEM report. The primary purpose of these calculations is to produce the EPC. SBEMs are designed to assess and compare energy in
L1B Conversion SAP Calculations
L1B SAP calculations for conversions come in two stages: a ‘notional report’ and a ‘proposed report’. These reports are then compared in order to produce an up-to-date EPC for the property. This process includes: •
L1A New Build SAP Calculations
SAP calculations for New Build Dwellings come in two stages: a ‘design stage’ SAP report and an ‘as built’ SAP report. These calculations will measure a number of aspects of the building’s energy performance. The
Sound Insulation Testing
Residential noise and vibration surveying assess the level of noise in a residential development. If you’re planning a development in a residential area, you will need to conduct a noise survey to comply with the